Mental Illness and Addiction: How to Cope When You Have Both

Addiction and mental illness tend to come hand in hand when one is left untreated. Many people struggling with mental illness will turn to substances in an attempt to control their symptoms while those with untreated addictions may find themselves developing a mental disorder. I’ve spoken to people who fell into both categories, and they…

Real Stories From Recovering Addicts Prove You Can Find A Happier Life

Rehab is a life-changing experience for drug and alcohol addicts — and that is not an exaggeration. Listen to the stories recovering addicts tell after they’ve spent some time in treatment, and it’s hard not to be a believer. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear many of these inspiring stories, and virtually all of them…

4 Key Aspects of Your Daily Routine That Help in Managing Bipolar Disorder

Last year, a friend of mine — and one of the most wonderful women I’ve ever known — was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Though Beth* and her doctor came up with a treatment plan, it took some time for her body to adjust and the medication to fully kick in. She told me some days…

The risks of dieting and eating disorders | Carine el Khazen

Clinical psychologist Carine el Khazen (DESS, DEA), specialized in the treatment of eating disorders and obesity, shares insight into the struggles that accompany eating disorders, offering some tips for both preemption and recovery.

IGB interviews Jonny Benjamin

In January 2014 IGB Ambassador and mental health advocate Jonny Benjamin launched a social media campaign called ‪#‎FindMike‬ to help track down the stranger who talked him out of jumping off Waterloo Bridge in 2008.  The Campaign went viral and culminated in the Channel 4 Documentary “Stranger on the Bridge,” documenting Jonny’s search for the stranger that saved him. 

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