Seven daily activities to boost your mental health

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A guest post by Kay Carter

Being healthy does not only mean working towards achieving a fit body. It also includes the things you are doing to keep a sound mind. This includes your social, emotional and psychological well-being. Thus, it’s important to embrace daily activities that could boost your mental health. Luckily, there are several activities you can do on a daily basis to help keep your mind just as healthy as the rest of you. From unpluggingfrom your electronic devices to prioritizing self-care, it’s important to pay attention to what makes you feel great and gives you the motivation to make it through the day. Here are seven daily activities to boost your mental health.

  1. Take a warm bath

Research has shown that a warm bath is beneficial to health. It was found that bathing in 40-degree Celsius water for 10 minutes improved the general health of the respondents. It particularly improved emotional, social functioning, and mental health.

  1. Have your coffee fix

The caffeine in coffee could help reduce your risk of depression. A studyon this was funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and found that women who had two to three cups of coffee (caffeinated) every day reduced their risk of depression by 15 percent.

  1. Get enough sleep

According to Harvard Medical School, there is a connection between sleep and mental health. It was noted that sleep problems, including insomnia, may cause several mental disorders. When you are sleep-deprived, your risk of experiencing depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder increases. Thus, adults are advised to have at least seven hours of sleep daily.

  1. Schedule time to meditate

When you meditate, you allow yourself to relax and stay calm. According to House Method, meditating can reduce stress, decrease feelings of anxiety, and enhance your self-awareness. Create a small meditation space in your home—choose an area that’s quiet and dim and doesn’t have many distractions. Start out by meditating for a few minutes every morning and then gradually increase this time to 10 minutes and longer.

  1. Limit new media exposure

A studyamong adolescents in the United States found that those who spent more time on social media were more likely to experience mental health concerns. It’s best to limit your exposure, as difficult as that might seem to do, as much as possible. Focus on your in-real-life activities instead. An hour a day on social media is plenty.

  1. Stop multitasking

If you think that multitasking is fine, think again. Doing this can actually hurt productivity and make you lose more energy throughout the day. In short, you’re not supposed to have your snacks while you’re rushing an important document. Learn to enjoy the food and your break time.

  1. Exercise

Find time to exercise each day. This might seem like a somewhat impossible chore, but it doesn’t have to be a long or difficult one. Spending 30 minutes doing physical activity, such as taking a walk around the neighborhood, swimming, or playing tennis, is already enough to improve your mental health.

Are you looking for ways to improve your mental health? Keep the above tips in mind and try to incorporate at least one into your life every day.