Can the video be anonymous?

Yes—we believe that the most powerful videos are from people when they feel most comfortable. We encourage you to express yourself and communicate your story in a way that helps to foster a community that actively destigmatizes mental health issues. If you think that using just your first name or a pseudonym will help you do this, then that is great!

Do you have to appear in the video?

No—while we believe that a face helps deliver a powerful message, we also know that people express themselves in different ways. If you choose not to be in the video, we encourage you to be creative and make a video that helps you tell your story. Be it through photos, images, or sounds, we believe you should do whatever works best for you.

Do you have to have personally experienced a mental issue to make a video?

Absolutely not—we believe that some of the most powerful messages are from people who have witnessed or supported friends and family members struggling with mental health issues. Even if mental health issues have not affected you directly, we actively encourage you to submit a video as a sign of solidarity and support for our campaign.

What should I do if I’m having problems submitting my video?

Please feel free to send us the youtube link to your video or send the video via dropbox to our email (itgetsbrighter@gmail.com).

What if I’m still struggling?

If you believe that making a video will help you to get through this difficult time then we wholeheartedly support you in doing so. We know that there are good times and bad times when dealing with mental health issues and we urge you to share words of encouragement or ideas of things that have helped you and may help others.

What if I need urgent help?

United Kingdom

Samaritans—offers 24 hour support for people experiencing feelings of distress or despair.


Lifeline—offers 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

Canada & US

National Suicide Prevention Helpline–offers 24-hour, toll-free support for anyone in a suicidal crisis or emotional distress.