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The Lives of Others

The Lives of Others (TLOO) is a project where people share personal stories relating to mental health: every post is a picture of new person along with their personal account of their mental health experience. TLOO aspires to connect people through storytelling and to take away some of the mystery and isolation surrounding mental health experiences. 

We are inviting YOU to take part in our project. Anyone can be involved. We are interested in your mental health story – some aspect of your life or an event that is, or has been, connected to your psychological or emotional experience.


We aim to:
1) Normalize the conversation around mental health by actually discussing our own experience with thoughts and emotions
2) Connect people who feel isolated in their experience
3) Work against the narrow projected image we portray on social media by sharing a part of who we really are
4) Promote empathy and contribute to a more tolerant and understanding society

Feeling vulnerable is often something we fear. Making yourself vulnerable through sharing your story, however, can be rewarding – it can lead to increased strength, creativity, belonging and authenticity. We hope that by providing a glimpse into the lives of others we can illuminate the strength, growth and meaning that can result from personal challenges and experiences relating to mental health.

Connect with TLOO via their Facebook page, and take their survey here.


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