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Information Pack

Take a look at our ‘Get Involved’ pack to see how you can volunteer for the It Gets Brighter campaign!

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Download and print our posters to help spread the word about It Gets Brighter!

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Download and print our postcards to hand out at promotional events!

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If you have any questions about getting involved with the It Gets Brighter campaign, contact us.

RIPPLE Campaign

Ripple Logo, Start a Ripple

Ripple is the newest campaign from Student Minds, giving students’ the knowledge, confidence and skills to change opinions about depression. We want students to share their experiences of depression through blogs and videos to help others learn more about depression, and share their #RippleTips of ways students can support their mental health. Everyone has a part to play in helping students with experiences of depression.

If you’ve ever experienced depression, supported someone who has, or have a positive message of hope to share about depression, then you may be able to help students with your story. Share a video of story, and support It Gets Brighter and Student Minds in changing minds about depression.
Start a Ripple. Make a Wave.

Find out more about Student Minds’ Ripple Campaign at

You can watch It Gets Brighter videos on the Ripple theme here.

Then you can record your own!

Learn more about student depression at

You can also join, or create, a Ripple team at your University! Contact us at if you want to get involved!

What is Ripple poster