Lebanon Team

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 21.13.56Racha Kamal
 |  Video Editor

Racha obtained her bachelors in Media Arts and Production from the University of Technology, Sydney. She worked on several independent short films and feature films assisting camera departments and production teams. She worked with several PR agencies, managing client’s social media platforms and creating short clips and postings. Racha is assisting the media and communication team at UNDP – Beirut, in content production. Due to her strong belief in communicating social issues through film, she began assisting IGB in video editing.   

Raja Sabra | IGB Youth Ambassador1435311479341

Raja has dealt with anxiety, OCD, depression, ADHD, and panic attacks. He only got to know that in the Summer of 2012 after being oblivious to what he was going through. With medication and self therapy he has achieved great progress and can finally say he’s leading a happy life. He currently works to promote mental health awareness,  breaking the stigma and taboo that surrounds mental illness in Lebanon. He’s also passionate about Acroyoga and tries to spread that practice and the joy wherever he goes.