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You Are Not Alone. It Gets Brighter🌄

No matter what your mind might be telling you, you are not alone, and there is genuine cause for hope. Create, watch and share video messages from people just like you, who have seen it can indeed get brighter!

Mental health challenges can affect anyone at anytime. Hear from and join a community who knows what it's like - with the support of others it really does get brighter.

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Share Stories, Create
Change! Hear from people like you

It Gets Brighter has been collecting video messages of hope and support from around the world since 2014, to create a community of people living full, rich lives with mental health challenges.


To reach even more people and make it even easier for you to share your story, IGB has now partnered with OurHerd! OurHerd is a storytelling app where you can share your story to help others and create a more mentally healthy world.

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