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It Gets Brighter collects and features short video messages of hope from those living with a mental health issue, and those who support them. We believe that expressing what’s happening in our heads is better than suppressing it. Our mission is to give those struggling the hope that it gets brighter. Join us in ending the silence and empowering young people to seek out the help and support that can lead to recovery.

Guidelines for Video Submission

  We invite you to create and share your message of hope with the people you care about, and those among us who suffer with a mental health issue.<br /><br />Tell them It Gets Brighter!

Video Submission Guidelines<br />The <em>It Gets Brighter</em> campaign aims to send messages of hope to those facing mental health issues. We want to share personal narratives of mental illness with a focus on how things did or could get brighter.For ~1 minute, share your mental health story, either as someone who has experienced a mental health challenge or as a supporter. Please don’t feel the need to cover everything in your video. That would be impossible. Instead, try to cover what you think is most important for people to consider who might be struggling with a mental health issue for the first time.Imagine speaking to a younger version of yourself, or to a younger loved one. What would you want someone to tell you in the midst of your struggles? What did you want those supporting you to understand when you were in that situation? In what ways has it ‘got brighter’ for you? How?<a title=”Content Guidelines” href=”http://www.itgetsbrighter.org/videos/content-guidelines/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” data-mce-href=”http://www.itgetsbrighter.org/videos/content-guidelines/”>Click here for things to consider before uploading your video.</a>

Our direct upload service is currently down. Please record your video using a program on your computer and upload it to your YouTube account (ensuring a 'public' privacy setting).

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