Our Mission

Mental illness is both common and treatable, but every day stigma prevents those in our communities from seeking the help they need. It Gets Brighter invites everyone, including those who have lived with mental illness and those who have supported loved ones with a mental illness, to speak openly about their experiences and to reassure others that it can–and will–get brighter.

If you have experienced a mental health challenge, we hope that you will seize this opportunity to share what helps make it brighter for you. Or, simply express your solidarity with those struggling with their mental health, and share a message of hope and acceptance. We believe that expressing what’s happening in our heads is better than suppressing it, and that mental health challenges do not define us. Together we can prove that there is ability in our vulnerability.

Our Beginnings

Founded in 2014, by Dr Emma Lawrance and Dr Joshua Chauvin, who met while studying at Oxford University.


Our Team 🖐


Dr Emma Lawrance

Chair of Trustees

After studies and work ranging from physics to a traveling science circus, Emma studied Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Oxford. She is now the Mental Health Innovations Fellow at Imperial College London and leads the Climate Cares programme to understand and respond to the interconnections between climate change and mental health.


She has experienced first-hand both how devastating mental illness can be, and also how the power of hope that comes with connections to others and their stories can indeed make things brighter. She believes we can change the conversation around mental illness to better the future for people experiencing mental health challenges and their loved ones. She is proud to be an Advisor for Batyr.


Dr Joshua Chuavin


Dr. Joshua Chauvin is an entrepreneur and psychologist passionate about building innovative technologies, businesses, and non-profit initiatives globally to meet the challenges in mental health care. As VP Strategy & Head of Global Access for Koa Health, he is currently helping to lead a collaborative effort with Harvard Medical School to build EMPOWER, an open-access initiative committed to training up the world's mental health workforce digitally. He has previously worked as Partnerships Manager for Mindstrong Health and as a research consultant for the Canadian Mental Health Association. Josh completed a DPhil in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford as both a Rhodes Scholar and a Canadian Centennial Scholar, is an Associate Fellow at the Evidence-Based Practice Unit, an Advisor to charities Jack.org and batyr, and an Honorary Senior Research Associate at UCL


Will Hill


Will is a social entrepreneur interested in solving big problems with innovative and disruptive solutions.  
He is a founder of "The School of Innovation", a start-up backed by some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs. Its mission is to challenge the status quo of higher education by establishing a radically new and innovative university in the UK, with a key focus on tackling the mental health challenges of students head-on.

​Will is also the founder of University.co.uk, an editorial dedicated to discovering the future of higher education. 

Prior to this, Will founded Charity Nest, an organisation that continues to help small and local charities gain access to finance. 

Will is proud to be a Trustee of It Gets Brighter and is deeply committed to making change. 


Dr Roxanna Abhari


Roxanna is currently completing her graduate degree in medicine at the University of Oxford. She joined It Gets Brighter while studying for her DPhil in Molecular and Cellular Medicine.

She is a passionate advocator for young people experiencing mental illness.

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