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You're not alone 👂

ItGetsBrighter has partnered with OurHerd to bring you the OurHerd app, where you can

listen to real stories from people like you, feel heard and understood by a non-judgemental community, learn from the experiences of others, and even share your own story!

OurHerd is a storytelling app that empowers young people to share lived experience stories and use their collective voices to create a more mentally healthy world.

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OurHerd is an app designed and built by The app is brought to you by in accordance with our partnership.

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Why OurHerd Exists ❤️

Mental health is amongst the most important issues faced by young people, yet due to high rates of stigma, many feel alone in their struggles, unable to give a voice to their experiences and disempowered to seek help.

All these factors contribute to the huge gap that exists between the mental health needs of young people and access to support systems that surround them.

The purpose of OurHerd is to support young people to drive informed and improved mental health outcomes by sharing powerful stories and creating community.

Your voice is powerful  📣

OurHerd is designed to amplify young people's voices to create actionable change! By sharing your story, you're contributing to a powerful library of lived experience insights that we'll use to inform decision-makers to improve mental health outcomes.

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